Python Console Utilities

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This is a package containing utility functions for command-line applications.


As this library is still in version 0.y.z, keep in mind that the API may change at any time. See Item 4 of the Semantic Versioning Specification:


  • Inputting an integer, float or boolean
  • Selecting from a list of options (by entering an integer or character)


  • Simplicity: Straightforward, high-level functions with sensible defaults. Most parameters are optional, so you can hit the ground running.
  • Flexible: An extensive range of options are provided, making the library useful in a wide range of situations.


Install as usual:

pip install ruben-console-utilities

You may wish to create a virtual environment beforehand.


Here a few examples:

>>> import consoleutilities as cu
>>> cu.input_option_int(["Export as PDF", "Export as HTML", "Export as TeX"])
[0]: Export as PDF
[1]: Export as HTML
[2]: Export as TeX
Enter integer [0..2]: >? 0
>>> cu.input_int("Pick a number between 1 and 10: ", 1, 10, include_max=True)
Pick a number between 1 and 10: >? 8
>>> cu.input_boolean("Specify whether to trust this host")
Specify whether to trust this host [y/N]: >? abc123
>>> cu.input_boolean("Specify whether to enable HTTPS", default=True)
Specify whether to enable HTTPS [Y/n]: >?